Update on the Ambassador's Programme + how to get involved

Hello Centrifuge Community,

The Ambassadors are a small group of trusted and invested stakeholders, who have shown their commitment to the Centrifuge community and who help out on a bunch of things including Telegram and Discord chat support, answering questions, directing people to where they need to go, and contributing ideas and feedback to help the Centrifuge network.

:point_right: We’re opening up for 3/4 more Ambassadors and will invite you to join us in July

As an ambassador you will benefit from a number of perks such as direct access and communication to team, ambassadors :phone: calls, proposal opportunities, Centrifuge SWAG, priority access to events, and a fun environment full of cooperative learning. If you care about the mission of unlocking economic opportunity for all by connecting people to borrow and lend money transparently and cost-effectively; free of intermediaries and the inefficiencies of traditional finance, this is your chance to get really involved!

Current ambassadors are: @Tjure07 or Christian, @Winter_Chemistry or ‘Pats’, @LucPro or ‘Lucrum’, @svensson_neffberg or Sebastian and @Sam/Yugure whho work alongside our Community Mod ‘Fishscales’ or Ash as well as the Centrifuge team and both help make the Centrifuge community a great place to be and grow the potential of the network :cyclone: :seedling: In the future we want to work with Ambassadors on product UI testing, decentralized AO onboarding, facilitating pools, underwriters token, and spreading the word far and wide on Centrifuge.

Process for becoming an Ambassador:

Step 1. Indicate your interest by messaging an Ambassador, or Kate.

Step 2. Show that you are a committed community member by stepping up and doing some of the following:

  • Help out by answering questions in Telegram, Discord or the Forum

  • Help introduce and onboard users (general community, investors and asset originators)

  • Share and retweet Centrifuge on social and talkabout Centrifuge in other communities (show your retweets or posts in other communities in the main Telegram chat)

  • Make explainer or marketing videos

  • Writing blogs/use cases and share them

  • Help the vibe of the Centrifuge community by showing up with a positive attitude, meming, and generally being kind :smiley:

Step 3. Those who have been identified as having ‘Ambassador potential’ will then be invited to apply and sent a short application form. Those who have indicated interest but who don’t meet the criteria will be informed (we’d love to take everyone, but we can’t :disappointed:)

Step 4. The Ambassadors decide who to invite based on the skills we think are needed and the contributions made to the community.

As part of our commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture of the future, preference will be given to female applicants :pray:


Update: Applications for the Centrifuge Ambassador’s programme have now closed. Thank you for all the interest!!

To clarify, you are invited to Ambassadorship based on your contributions and how you show your support for Centrifuge. We value those who consistently show that they have ‘got the back’ of the project; who actively calm things down when FUD happens, who generously share their knowledge and who have experience in the areas we want to focus on. We’re looking for a mix of backgrounds - with a big focus on DeFi experience, and underwriting/valuations and knowledge of borrowing and lending, as well as social/marketing and product testing.

If you applied, we’ll be in touch with you over the next week and half to let you know about your application. And even if you don’t become an Ambassador this time, we’ll have more places opening in the future so keep up the good work in the coming months.