Ambassador Introduction: ImdioR

Good afternoon.
Many people know me as one of the most active community of user in Centrifuge, who is always ready and happy to help everyone.

I participated in various crypto projects, but the Centrifuge project interested me and dragged me out more than others.
Since September 2021, I have been the Ambassador and Moderator of the Centrifuge project.
Of all the crypto projects, I believe that the Centrifuge project is one of the most unique and fundamental projects in the Polkadot system and Web3.

At the moment I am a self-employed worker.
Due to changes in the place of residence, I`m actually going to receive an additional degree.

I speak several languages: English, Russian, Italian, Ukrainian.

In my free time, I like to lead an active lifestyle.

My contacts:

  • Telegramm - @ImdioRCKZ
  • Discord - Imdior_CKZ#8610

For any occasion please contact. Always happy to help!

Be happy, be Centrifuge, be Altair!