Ambassador Introduction: christiancdpetersen

Hello Centrifuge community,

I am pleased to introduce myself as an Ambassador for Centrifuge.

Past RWAs - I have been actively involved in on-boarding real world assets into DeFi for the last two years. Most of my work has been at Maker DAO but I have recently worked on several other RWA projects, including a recent tokenized US T-bill product.

Future RWAs - I believe that blockchain, the technology introduced by Centrifuge, and future technologies can unlock and/or “discover” new classes of “real world assets”. What excites me is how technology and innovation can create new digitally native asset classes or provide liquidity to illiquid markets excluded from liquidity due to scale/cost. Tokenized T-bills, real estate and other standard assets are interesting, but these are generally well-financed today. It is new assets where true value is created.

Commmitment to Centrifuge - Transparency and openness is the key to DeFi and DAOs. I am committed to transparency and openness – “sunshine is the best disinfectant”.

Firm Views, Loosely Held - I have opinions and do not fear to share them. I enjoy the DAO environment because of the exchange of ideas. My views are firm, but loosely held … meaning I enjoy the debate and discussion and will readily change my mind. Please reach out to me on any point. We are on this journey together.

What I hope to Bring - I am, by profession, a project development and finance lawyer. All types of energy projects from liquefied natural gas to sustainable aviation fuel, infrastructure (airports, toll roads) and most things in between. I have executed deals in over 50 countries and on every continent other than Antarctica. I love the creativity of DeFi, blockchain and Centrifuge tech - I hope that I can meaningfully add to the RWA space with this experience.

I Bet You Did Not Know - I have a life-long interest in Africa and its future - my experience being mostly Southern Africa. I recently formed a company called Launch Digital. My goal is to create a dedicated platform for Mozambicans to gain exposure to blockchain, Web3, smart contracts, AI, DeFi, etc. from other Mozambicans and people around the world. If you have an interest in Africa, let me know!

My Discord is christiancdpetersen
My Telegram is @christiancdpetersen

Thank you for the opportunity to support Centrifuge.


Welcome onboard as an ambassador and thanks for your intro! :pray: Looking forward to work with you

welcome onboard and nice intro! We need more frens from Arica!

You hardly need an introduction! But a welcome is warranted no matter what. Excited to see your contributions!