Community Facilitator Introduction: Tjure07

Hello Centrifuge community!

Better late than never I want to post my introduction! image

I have been engaged in the Centrifuge ecosystem for over 2 years and I started with helping the community in Telegram and posting user guides in the forum. I am an early Tinlake investor as well (October 2020) and I know the product from my own experience. After that I became an ambassador for Centrifuge and since May 2021 I am a Community Facilitator for the ecosstem with the main focus on the Forum (check out the monthly summary) and facilitating the Community call for the ecosystem.

Besides that I am a council member of the Altair council. image

Looking forward to see the ecosystem grow and flourish because I am convinced, Real world assets (RWAs) are one of the links for crypto to go fully mainstream.

Thanks for reading my introduction! Do you have any ecosystem-related questions? Do not hesitate to contact me! :speech_balloon:

Discord: Tjure07#4308