Council Candidate Introduction: Tjure07

Hello fellow Centrifugians!

Better late than never I want to post my candidacy for a seat in the Altair council! image

Who am I and what is my background?

I have known Centrifuge since about 1 1/2 years and I am a keen believer in the connection of traditional finance and especially Real-world assets (RWAs) with the crypto space because without the bridge the crypto space stays isolated. This is one of the reasons I invested in the first revolving pool on Tinlake last October. I have been engaged in the Centrifuge ecosystem previously in posting user guides in the forum and helping the community on Telegram, after that as an ambassador for Centrifuge and shortly after as a group moderator for Centrifuge’s channels Discord, Telegram and the forum. In general I am in the crypto space since 2018 and I mainly invested in projects from the Dotsama and Ethereum-ecosystem.

Why am I running for the council?

During my study I got involved in the student representation for my field of study and later on I was an elected member in my previous employer’s works council. In my last position I worked in projects to implement SAP R/3 HR. I know how to represent personnel and communities and advocate for their interests. I consider Altair as an important part of Centrifuge’s future success because it is the experimental version where new apps will be tested in an early stage before going live on Centrifuge. I want to help shape the Altair network in its infancy.

Thanks for reading my post - and for your vote :wink:

Telegram: @Tjure07
Discord: Tjure07#4308


Nice one @Tjure07! Glad to see you put your hat forward. Very interesting to read about your journey here



Fantastic and Awesome !!! well this were first thoughts when I saw this post!!


Happy to see all the community members I regularly see on telegram are running for council. Let’s make it together


My candidacy for the council can be found on chain:

Identity: TJURE07
Address: kALQpCooKyREWZx1Fq5huNByXP25Aq6FybkKzspBPFgVZqjzM

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