Council Candidate Introduction: Ash

Hello Centrifugians!

I’m excited to announce my candidacy for the Altair council :smiley:

A little background about me:

I came across Centrifuge over a year ago and was really impressed by what the project was doing and how they were doing it. At that time Tinlake investment wasn’t quite open to the public nor was there a Telegram group :sweat_smile: but I wanted to find a way to become involved in any way I could. I have since been working closely with all things related to the Centrifuge ecosystem, including hosting AMAs and community calls, and moderating the community on the forum, Discord, and Telegram. I also run a validator node for Centrifuge chain :slight_smile: I am based in Canada and have been in the crypto space for about 5 years, although I am a dentist by profession.

Why you should vote for me:

I am an active participant in all past referenda proposed on Centrifuge, my vote has always aligned with what would be considered the best option for the network. I pledge to continue to do the same with Altair network and vote against any motion that is not in the best interest of Altair and the community. I am excited about the possibilities Altair will bring and would be privileged to be a member of the council and a voice for the community!

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Telegram: @fishscales
Discord: fishscale#4561


Great to see you on board of the council election and good luck to you as well, Ash! :grinning:


Awesome Ash. Excellent nominations for Council Elections.


The man, the myth. Another amazing candidate, good luck Ash! :grinning: :fish:


Just submitted my candidacy on the Altair portal! Would very much appreciate your vote :sunglasses:

Display name: ASH

Address: kALnVSsJKYLjyKypcPBjiMA9ezHJFUjxqLZ1V4woAA3THrQWV

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