Council Candidate Introduction: Yarosl6

For those who yet don’t know me, I am Yaroslav, an active and passionate community member of both Centrifuge and Altair

I am running validator in Centrifuge - “Yaroslav | Centrifuge” that is supported by 234 nominators in total (128 active) and with more than 2.2607 MCFG staked (wow, thanks for that guys)

Besides, I am also a moderator and admin in two unofficial Centrifuge/Altair english chats and running a Russian community chat also.

Now that you know ho I am, I will tell you about few reasons why I want to be in Altair’s council:

  • Firstly, as I am running all those community chats, I know the opinion of the community in general and want to be the one representing it as the council member

  • Secondly, I am really passionate about RWA and what can be achieved in experimental network on Kusama, being a council member will allow me to take part in somewhat ‘building Altair’ (credits to Altair team though, not to me ;))

And the last part about me being a good council member. I discovered Centrifuge around half of year ago, and since then was monitoring and learning about it almost every day, as you already know, I am active in all community chats and running a validator.

So, I think that I know about both Centrifuge and Altair as a projects and it’s community.

Excited to hear back from you guys


Welcome! Thank you for posting your candidacy and to have you on board as a long time validator and community member.

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Yaroslav we respect you and trust you. good luck to you.

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Hope our community will support you!
Good luck! :dizzy:

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I’ve submitted my candidacy for Altair council

Address: kAKsbtbmPtsFMCbbYVgxeLG3aMVc6LKM8KUNBmKyWV2NsWE1p

Display Name: Yaroslav | Altair