Council Candidate Introduction: ImdioR

Hello to All!

I`m grateful to be part of the Centrifuge and Altair Community and appreciate the opportunity to announce my candidacy for Altair Council.

You may know me because:

  • I’m one of the most active community members in Telegram and Discord.
  • Actually, I also have a role as Ambassador of Centrifuge.
  • Probably you may know me by support provided in the TG channel, DM, video/text tutorial on the forum.

Why you would be a good council member:

  • I’m an Ambassador so I`m one of the first who finds out all problems in the Eco-System and the opinion of the Community in general and I would like to be the one representing it as the council member.

  • I intend to participate in every referendum and every motion. I will do my best to secure and improve Altair.

Be happy, be Centrifuge, be Altair!

My contacts:

  • Telegramm - @ImdioRCKZ
  • Discord - Imdior_CKZ#8610

Good luck, amico mio and thanks for the introduction to the community! :slight_smile:


Nice to see you running for Council Candidacy !!!


Can attest that I’m always seeing ImdioR in the ecosystem channels. Not sure when he sleeps :wink:


Another strong candidate. Good luck man, very dedicated operator :slight_smile:


Thank you PG1989! Appreciate your words!

I’m always with Centrifuge Devin! 4erever and ever! Thank you for your support here and with Tinlake!

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