Council Candidate Introduction: Branan

Greetings Centrifugians!

I am very excited to announce my candidacy for the Altair council!

I am a contributor to the Centrifuge & Altair chains, and I was involved in getting Altair ready for launch. I’m now focused on the process of making Tinlake a core part of the two chains.

I try to stay at least somewhat active in the Discord and have been dipping my toes back into twitter, so you may have seen me in one of those venues.

I want to be on the council to help drive forward the work we’re doing and ensure that Altair can be successful as a part of the Kusama ecosystem and as a place to experiment with what we want to do with the Centrifuge chain next year.


Great to see you hear, Branan and all the best for the election. The competition is on! :wink:

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My candidacy is now live on-chain! Best of luck to everyone!

My account is kANdaW1hc3SRQkcMQwoupEkBBnfSTVknr69rSLx8HseMqZZsh, and my on-chain identity is set to BRANAN


Voted! good luck bro!