Council Candidate Introduction: Cassidy

Hey Altair Community :slight_smile:

I’m submitting my on-chain council candidacy to you for Altair!

I’ve been working on building both Centrifuge Chain and Altair for the last 3+ years. From the CFG and AIR token designs, building the validator community, and working with the core team of builders (like @Kate_Centrifuge @mikiquantum @vedhavyas @branan and @lucasvo) and ambassadors (like @Ash @Tjure07 and @hardik ) to coordinate the launch of both chains - I’ve been intimately involved in making these networks a reality!

I’m really looking forward to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Altair. I think there are a lot of exciting (and experimental :woman_scientist:) use cases we can realize on Altair - and as a part of the council I would work to make that possible. If you’ve followed any of my talks about Altair (like here or here) you’ll know that I am really interested in testing new ideas like financing cryptopunks or RMRK NFTs on Altair.

I’ve been a key part of bringing Altair to where it is today - and also in communicating that vision with you (our awesome community of AIR holders)! As a part of the Altair Council I hope to continue that work.

You can count on me to vote in the best interests of Altair - and also to vote in favor of pushing the limits :wink: :dizzy:


Awesome, the competition is getting stronger each day! I am sure the council will be a good selection of candidates (both male and female) with various background :wink:

Hey Cassidy. I don’t see your name as an option for voting.

Did you pull your name from the hat?