Council Candidate Introduction: PeterG :)

Hello all

Thought I’d throw my hat into the ring though we have no shortage of great candidates who have already put themselves forward…

Who Am I?

Work in software testing and have a keen interest in blockchain technologies and NFTs. Have been investing in crypto for some time and Centrifuge is my favourite project. I was an early investor in the Tinlake pools and persuaded many of my friends and family to invest in Tinlake.

Why vote for me

  • Big supporter of project long term. Proud Centrifugian who rocks his CFG beanie on a daily basis.
  • Keen to stay abreast of all new developments and keep learning about Centrifuge/Altair project milestones and protocol improvements.
  • Keen for both Centrifuge and Altair projects to succeed long term and will base voting decisions on good of protocol rather than personal benefits

Telegram: @pgaff01
Discord: peterg89


Finally here you are. Nice to see you putting forward your candidacy along with others.
An excellent potential Council Members on the list all together!!!


Thank you for the kind words

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Great to see your candidacy. Good luck for the elections! :slight_smile:


Happy to see you on the list too mate! Well done.


Are you really happy? Because the competition for a seat is getting more and more difficult with each new candidate :sunglasses: :rofl:

Nothing wrong with competition - it’s always good when there is competition :smiley:

May the best man(men) win :1st_place_medal:


Wait for female applications and then we can say "may the best man/woman win! :1st_place_medal:

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Absolutely! I’m hoping there will be a couple among the candidates soon.

AIR Address: kANodqqy2Yn7nTxdJ29z3Bx2ESCuFGFBov8j1d8VCWAmwzngs