Ambassador Introduction: Yaroslav

For those who yet don’t know me, I am Yaroslav, an active and passionate community member of both Centrifuge and Altair. I am in crypto since 2017 and also since then I am full-time investor.

I am running validator in Centrifuge - “Yaroslav | Centrifuge” that is supported by 234 nominators in total (128 active) and with more than 2.14 MCFG staked (wow, thanks for that guys)

Besides, I am now happy to announce that I became an ambassador.

I am really passionate about RWA and what can be achieved with both Centrifuge and Altair and I believe that connection of real world and DeFi will make some great things achievable (financing NFT’s is the thing I wait the most rn)

Anyway, if you’ll have any more questions you can contact me anytime. Cya around!


A true supporter and Fug’ian :sunglasses: great to have you onboard mate!


Welcome onboard, Yaroslav!