[Validator Introduction] "Yaroslav | Centrifuge"

Hello everyone!

A lot of you know me by my (hopefully helpful) guides that I made for Centrifuge community.

Among the many ways I support Centrifuge and it’s community I would like to announce that I am running my Validator now!

You can find my node by this name and address:

Yaroslav | Centrifuge


Currently my fee’s are only 3% so I hope you will enjoy it
Thanks everyone and welcome. Let’s make Centrifuge great together!

I got experience running nodes on substrate-based projects. I use Grafana and Alertmanager to prevent any errors and provide best service to my nominators.


Email: yaroslavcentrifuge@gmail.com

Twitter: @yarosl6

Matrix(riot): @yaroslvozl:matrix.org

Also you can join Centrifuge unofficial community and find help from me and other community members there: Telegram: Contact @centrifugians


Willing to nominate, I send you a DM via this forum.

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Owh sadly its oversubscribed now… :frowning:

Welcome to the Centrifuge Validator club, Yaroslav! Good to have you as part of the group. :beers:

Thanks Marcus, appreciate it🍻