[Validator Introduction] Staker Space

Hi Community,

Really happy to be a a part of the genesis program for the Centrifuge chain. In my eyes the first end-2-end solution on a public blockchain that is out to support business processes by means of stable coins and creating liquidity, A great vision and we are proud to be part of this network.

I saw the Centrifuge logo on sub 0.1 in Berlin, after going to the website and founding out more about the solution that was being built, it truly has a lot of value if embraced by users and businesses. Furthermore it was being built on Substrate and it fits within the bigger multi-chain picture. I got in touch with the Centrifuge team and got involved.

About me:

Staker Space was initially started as a hobby and grew out to be almost a full-time job, trying to combine it with a actual full-time job. The challenge is to automate as much as possible and have decent monitoring and fall-back systems when it goes wrong.

I’m trying to achieve one thing by validating which is having no down-time and 24/7 availability, this is the only thing we have to offer so far. We do this on the following networks: Kusama, Terra, Solana, Edgeware, Cardano, Centrifuge and Future Polkadot.

There are a lot of things we want to better, but I’m pretty limited on time and hence the most vital part has priority.


If you have any questions you reach out to me via the following channels:

Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @staker_space

Matrix/Riot: @gnossienli:matrix.org

E-mail: hello@staker.space


Hey @Ilhan, thanks for the intro: great feeling to turn hobbies into full time projects. Best of luck and happy to have Staker Space on the Centrifuge team :slight_smile:

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