Validator Program Announcement

Hey Validators!

Centrifuge has been running a Validator Program to support becoming a validator on Centrifuge Chain.

We welcome anyone who meets the eligibility requirements (listed below) to apply for the program and join our growing community to build an open, decentralized network bringing off-chain, real-world assets into the blockchain universe.

We are running the program in 3 stages:

  • First batch (concluded):
    • First 5 slots: 60’000 RAD
    • Next 5 slots: 30’000 RAD
    • 9 slots awarded
    • 420’000 RAD awarded
  • Second batch: open to any validators interested to join before our Launch in early May
    • 10 slots available
    • Up to 20’000 RAD per validator
  • Third batch: open to validators joining after the public launch in May
    • 10 slots available
    • Up to 10,000 RAD per validator

What is the process to join the program?

  1. Set up a validator on our testnets Amber and Flint
  2. Post your interest in joining the program on this thread with a brief introduction for the community.
  3. After successfully validating for 2 weeks, reach out to to apply for the program

Do I have to join the validator program to be able to validate on Centrifuge Chain?

No, you don’t have to join the program! The program awards qualified validators who commit to a high quality of participation as we bootstrap our network.

Any node can offer itself as a Validator candidate, but only a limited number will be selected. Only top Validators by stake are elected into the Validator Set (currently at 15). Validators can stake their own RAD and can be elected by staked Nominators into the Validator Set in the next era.

You can learn more about Centrifuge Chain in our developer documentation.

What are the eligibility requirements to join the program?

In order to be eligible for the Validator Program, you must be able to commit to running a Validator on both Amber testnet and Centrifuge Mainnet with 95% uptime. You must also be able to sign a legal contract.

When we select candidates we will favor those who participate in Validator calls and provide feedback to Centrifuge so we can improve our technology and engagement.

We also appreciate active participation in the Centfigue community - join in on Centrifuge community slack/discourse discussions, blog/tweet/… about your experience with Centrifuge (Chain), and share your infrastructure layout and learnings back to the community!

Which Validators have already joined the program?

If you want to learn more about each Validator, check out their introductions under the Validator Discussion Category.

How many validator slots are there?

The number of slots is configurable and can be modified using on chain governance. At launch the chain will have roughly 20 slots but the community can raise this number. We will propose to vote for increasing the validator slots if the network is stable and there is demand for more validators.

Announcing the first batch of our Validator Program

Chorus One
60’000 RAD
Chorus One is a fully remote, Swiss-based startup focused on staking services and validation infrastructure. They were among the first teams to focus on the opportunity of operating infrastructure for decentralized networks, ultimately seeking to help token holders to participate, earn rewards, and help them shape the network they are invested in.

30’000 RAD
30’000 RAD
A small team of two people, they started their independent validation venture in 2019. They pride themselves on supporting the projects that have value for people and real-world use cases. Apart from Centrifuge, they also run validators for Kava, Kusama and Regen Network (testnet).

30’000 RAD
OpenStake is a group of like-minded people who are interested in blockchain and crypto, particularly focusing on new and upcoming networks. Their background comes from lending industry, with track record of creating and launching peer to peer lending platform and business.

60’000 RAD
PureStake provides infrastructure services, APIs, and developer tools for next-generation blockchain networks. They focus on a small number of networks so they can deliver high-quality services that are as secure as possible, while maximizing uptime and performance.

Stake Capital
60’000 RAD
Stake Capital DAO is a revenue sharing DAO which tokenizes Stake Capital’s DeFi services and uses staking derivatives to unlock additional decentralized products. The Stake Capital DAO distributes value generated by a basket of DeFi services to stakeholders.
30’000 RAD is excited to be part of the Centrifuge community and looking forward to running multiple validators and secure infrastructure in support of the network. Staked operates highly reliable and secure staking infrastructure for 20+ PoS protocols on behalf of the leading crypto asset investors in the industry.

Stake Fish
60’000 RAD is a validator for PoS blockchains and a staking service provider for blockchain projects. They invest time and effort to help secure blockchains that they believe will be used decades down the road.

Staker Space
30’000 RAD
Staker Space was initially started as a hobby and grew out to be almost a full-time job. They are trying to achieve one thing by validating which is having no down-time and 24/7 availability. They do this on the following networks: Kusama, Terra, Solana, Edgeware, Cardano, Centrifuge and Future Polkadot.