Everything you need to set up a node which might help you be selected as a validator


I’ve had a couple of questions emailed to me about system requirements for setting up a node so thought I’d share my thoughts and check in with the community to see if we are on the right track.

From what I read here:

the minimum system requirements are 4gb RAM and 50gb free with ssd so I’d think a normal laptop would be fine. However, if you’re serious and want to be selected I would have thought at least 8GB RAM (16GB is even better), a SSD of at least 500GB (1TB is even better), and a really stable internet connection with sufficient download speed and monthly data allowance.

Personally I’ve got an Ubuntu server v20.04 (LTS) amd64 installed and running in the aws cloud. The cloud avoids downtime but I’d imagine Centrifuge would prefer a ‘local’ set up as aws is a ‘centralised’ solution. The Avado i7 looks like a good option too by the way - this wasn’t really on my radar until I joined this community and I’ll be putting more research into this.

Those who have set up nodes already - I’d be interested to hear what system you are using and what specs they have.


What about RAD tokens? Are they needed to run validator node? What is the minimum if so?


Hi Tegan.

I’ve literally just emailed Centrifuge about this and the possibility of creating a pool for ‘smaller’ users that want to validate as a group.

Here is the original announcement which talks about it: Validator Program Announcement

Validators stake 10,000-60,000 rad from what I understand (I’m not sure how that works pre-token-launch). I assume to be selected you need to be very serious and knowledgeable about what you are doing though!

I believe they are selecting 18 validators based on this vote (Vote Passed: Extending the Validator Set from 15 to 18 although in the original announcement they talk about 10 in the first round, then 10 more in May, then 10 after launch) and most of these seem to be very established and experienced:
Validator Program Announcement - #2 by cassidy

I didn’t put anything about this in my original post as I’m still trying to get my head around the validator requirements myself - if anyone can enlighten us I’d be grateful.


Just been reading this which has some great insights too