Validator Inquiry

Hello! I’m new to the Centrifuge community. Happy to be here.

I’m interested in running a validator node, but as I read through the discourse, it seems that perhaps running validators is only for groups and large entities? Are there any individuals running validators?

Looking forward to a reply as I’m ready to get things up and running assuming small guppies like me are able to play with the big fish. :slight_smile:



P.S. Am I correct in understanding that the min requirements to run a validator node are:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 50 GB disk
  • Standard desktop/server CPU

I second this! also a guppy trying to swim. would love to get involved with this community!


Hi @TheMarcus,

Thanks for joining!

We definitely have individuals running nodes, and most of the “larger groups” are not that large, just that had some previous experience running validators in other chains. Don’t let this intimidate you, from our conversation in Telegram you are well suited.

Would be cool to know more about your experience with other chains (uptime…), if you are running a validator in Amber/Flint Testnet as well or any other information you can provide so nominators can choose your validator for following rounds.

The host setup is good, I would add that an SSD disk helps significantly while syncing and performance overall, so we recommend it.



Right on. Thanks for the reply, Miguel.

I’m preparing to fire up a node today and will formally introduce myself with stats on my node / experience. More soon…



Hi there @TheMarcus ! I can really feel your passion and this is so exciting ! I am kind of new to crypto and I am no developer at all but I would surely like to run a validator node for centrifuge one day. Do you think you could help someone like me set up a node from scratch ? Or do you know where to find other devs/people that could help ? Many thanks!


Running a validator means you are one of the n nodes (currently 32) that are securing the network. This does come with a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly. I second what @mikiquantum said: it’s not impossible to do as an individual but don’t take this responsibility lightly: you are securing a network with millions in value at stake. If your node accidentally or because of an attack double signs a message this leads to community members who stake to you being slashed.

Therefore you can expect community members who nominate with their tokens to be quite careful with who they want to nominate.


Who said that I am taking it lightly? But thanks anyway

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me too, somethimes complex things around here :grinning: