[Validator Introduction] Super Validator

Hey guys! My name is Ash and I would like to invite y’all to stake with and nominate SUPER VALIDATOR!!!

I have been following Centrifuge for about 5-6 months and I really believe it will pioneer the hybridization of finance, so I wanted to be a part of the journey in any way possible. This would be my first experience running a node and I am dedicated to making my initial validating endeavour a successful one!

My centrifuge address is: 4fU7xg1tWQhcyZKD2YX4B9KrHpsC8pUjkWLApsTcvV7VznmD

If you need to contact me you can reach me at:

-Email: supervalidators@gmail.com
-Telegram: @fishscales
-Discourse: https://gov.centrifuge.io/u/fishscale/

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve read your message and I don’t mean to be funny, but are you suggesting we send you our rad and you validate for us? How would that work? It’s quite a responsibility having custody of other people’s money particularly if you don’t have any experience of that. Do you have smart contracts to protect us and can we see the code open source please?
Don’t want to sound off - I’m genuinely interested in validating but even more interested in keeping my investments safe


Yeah to stake RAD you can either become a validator or nominator, I have set up a validator node and so I’m now seeking people to nominate my node so that it can become part of the next validator set :slight_smile: I am running my setup exactly how described in the instructions provided by Centrifuge using docker. While I am not running protective smart contracts as you describe, what I can offer is a powerful local setup with a very high speed wired internet connection and ensuring absolutely minimal downtime

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We need more details, mate, plz share)

Send me a message! :smile:

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Hey @Ash
Do you still run a node? Couldn’t find you.

It should be there still in the waiting queue


I will vote for you
Just keep going on mate

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This is my first contact with centrifuge. I operate completely according to the tutorial, and I am also carefully selecting the verifier. I see many people vote for you. I believe you must be a good candidate. I hope we can have a pleasant journey together in centrifuge.