LOGDOG validator intro

Hey everyone, it’s good to be on the platform! My name is Logan and I would greatly appreciate if you all could help me out and nominate me (“LOGDOG”) as a Centrifuge validator :slight_smile: !!

I love the idea of Centrifuge and all that they’ve done so far in this space and on the blockchain. I have a finance background and I think the problems that Centrifuge solves, for those wanting to unlock value in their assets is such a great thing. More liquidity has a cascade effect on the pace of business growth, job growth and a host of other opportunities. Dislocating traditional asset lending by making it more efficient and more widely available is going to change the game for businesses all over the world – I’m excited to be part of the journey.

Some information about our nodes:

  • Running validators in Nixos (https://nixos.org/)
  • Monitoring of services and alerting 24/7
  • Daily automated payouts

My Centrifuge validator address is: 4bVsKyR5fUG5zrZ2SqjnpZKADnvRT1SjZ9eCXXW7kWi324L1

Thanks for your help and nominations!!!

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