[Validator Introduction] HOT-FUDGE

Hi All,

I would like to share info about a new Centrifuge community validator “HOT-FUDGE” (4eNyXvrKfNHmvAgSH36j4nEjsGHhh3qnyhzfdsxoEJ1mnrUn) you can now nominate to get staking rewards.

We are a team of network engineers, devops & coders who are passionate about blockchain technology and the positive change decentralization can have on the World.

We have experience of running high availability services as well as validator nodes on other networks - Cosmos and Chainlink. We have also been successfully running a validator node on the Kusama network which is very similar to Centrifuge. Our nodes are monitored 24/7 using built in tools as well as custom solutions we’ve developed ourselves.

We are excited about Centrifuge as few of us have a peer-to-peer lending background and know first hand the benefits of providing necessary liquidity for businesses.

I hope to see you in the validator set!

All the best,


Email: info@gobento.app
Discord: TERRA-FIRMA#1857
Twitter: @matthews8000


Interesting , what have you done in the peer-to-peer lending space?

Hi hotfudge.

Which commission do you charge for nominators staking with your node?