[Validator Introduction] Staked.us

Hello all,

We at Staked.us are excited to be part of the Centrifuge community and looking forward to running multiple validators and secure infrastructure in support of the network.

Who we are

Staked operates highly reliable and secure staking infrastructure for 20+ PoS protocols on behalf of the leading crypto asset investors in the industry.

A bit about our offerings:

  • Highly Reliable and Secure
    We use Kubernetes to distribute across multiple cloud providers, and have never been slashed, hacked, or experienced extended downtime in 2+ years of operation.

  • Non-Custodial
    You are in complete control of your private keys and funds throughout the staking process.

  • Flexible Go-To-Market
    Delegate to our public validator or let us operate a separate white-labeled validator on your behalf.

  • Broad Asset Coverage
    Live on 20 PoS mainnets including Centrifuge (at launch!), Tezos, Cosmos, Decred, Terra and Livepeer. Operating on 15+ testnets launching in 2020 including Centrifuge, Polkadot, Cardano, Keep, NuCypher and Oasis.

  • Block-Level Reporting
    Designed for funds admins and accountants, the reporting includes all staking and delegation transactions on a calendar basis.

Why we support Centrifuge

We’ve been impressed by the speed and structured approach with which the Centrifuge team has been pushing towards a mainnet launch. Their methodological approach to Flint, Amber, and Mainnet has been unparalleled.

Moreover, we believe in Centrifuge’s vision of a decentralized funding marketplace in which alternative lenders can provide liquidity to smaller enterprises holding unpaid invoices. This bridge between real-world assets and a decentralized network to facilitate using these assets in a novel way opens up a significant number of use cases that have not yet been imagined.

We very much look forward to being part of the Validator Program at the launch of the chain and hope you consider delegating to us!

Find out more about us:


Hey @milan!
Thanks for the intro, happy to have Staked.us with the Centrifuge community :slight_smile: