[Validator Introduction] StakedTech

Staked Tech provides secure Non-Custodial Staking service for blockchain investors to compound their cryptocurrency staking investments.

We currently run nodes on following projects:

  • Polkadot
  • Icon
  • Edgeware
  • Stafi Testnet
  • and hopefully Centrifuge

Our long term commitment is backed by our investment where we stake our tokens just like you. Staking the assets together ensures we all have aligned interests and skin in the game.

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @StakedTech
Website: https://www.staked.tech/
E-mail: staked.tech@protonmail.com
Riot: @matherceg:matrix.org

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Thanks for introducing yourself here! Are you currently running nodes on the Flint and/or Amber testnets and Centrifuge mainnet? If so, let us know the addresses of your nodes so that token holders can consider staking towards them!

Hi @cassidy,

We have both nodes running on the Amber testnet and the mainnet. Currently, not enough funds to be able to set up an identity so our node addresses are:

Centrifuge mainnet
Centrifuge Amber

Looking forward to being part of the Centrifuge validators.

Up and running on both the networks for over 2 weeks now. Its nice experience on Centrifuge just like on the other substrate based chains.

Looking forward to receive some votes to further test our nodes in the active validator environment.