[Validator Introduction] STAKE-ZDK

Hello !

My name is Charles B and this is my first application to be a Validator in the crypto sphere.
French Pipeline Supervisor with 9 years in CG animated series and currently working on Arcane for Riot Games.
I’m specialized in system administration, workflow automation, CI/CD using Gitlab and Docker.
At work I manage a Render Farm composed of 100 nodes that calculate not blocks… but final images :slight_smile:

Centrifuge is my first experience in running and maintaining a Node for a blockchain project.
My Node is hosted on OVH servers and monitored by Grafana with configured alerts.
I’m excited about the Polkadot ecosystem and I think that Centrifuge has a huge potential in the financial space.
I hope to join the validator set and be part of this exciting project !

Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Cheers !

Twitter: @StakeZdk
Website: http://stake-zdk.com
E-mail: contact@stake-zdk.com
Riot: @stake-zdk:matrix.org


Little update, I’m validating on the Amber and Flint Testnets since a month.

I finally receive RAD from the Faucet, thanks to @cassidy, so you can find me in the validator waiting queue.

If anyone would like to be a nominator on my validator (named STAKE-ZDK), the address is

Please reply here or feel free to PM me if you have any questions or if you decide to be a nominator so we can connect directly.

Thank you for your consideration.