[Validator Introduction] Perfect Stake

Hello everyone !
Perfect Stake is a staking service provider with international team of crypto enthusiasts and professionals. Our operating dedicated servers are located in the specialized and highly qualified well-known Data Centers around the world controlled by the external independent watchdog services.

Perfect Stake PoS history started in 2019 with testnets and now Perfect Stake validators support these networks:



  • Centrifuge Amber/Flint
  • Plasm Dusty
  • NEAR
  • Matic
  • Stafi
    In the future, we plan to launch Shipchain, Regen, AVA, Coda nodes.

Our team credo is high demand to ourselves and accountability in delivering the maximum reliability and security for the various blockchain projects, with the maximum transparency for our important and respectful delegators.

Follow us or contact us on the below

Twitter : @perfectstake
Email : perfectstake@gmail.com
Keybase : perfectstake


Hey @PerfectStake,
Nice to meet you and have your services with Centrifuge! :slight_smile:

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