[Validator Introduction] Stake Service

Hello, the Centrifuge community!

The Stake Service team wants to tell you a little bit about themselves! We a young team of enthusiasts who have set themselves the goal of helping in the creation and administration of blockchain networks.
Stake Service, like many cryptocurrency projects, was launched in 2020. In just one year, we have acquired more than 13 projects in our portfolio, including:

  • Celo
  • Solana
  • The Graph
  • Oasis Labs
  • Plasm

We are trusted by development teams, as well as hundreds of people who have delegated their funds to us. The number of blocked funds on our validators in different projects is constantly growing, we never stop there. Providing our delegates with constant support on all issues, we try to develop communication with the community by opening up useful information for newcomers to the blockchain industry. We also invest our own funds in the development of many projects and invite you to participate with us.

  • Our nodes are launched in 6 countries of the world in data centers of the 3rd level with redundant power supplies!
  • The team maintains work 24 hours a day using the latest methods of monitoring our systems, such as Prometheus.

We find new projects every day and want to participate only in the best of them. Centrifuge is one of the most attractive projects in the Polkadot ecosystem and therefore we are happy to be validators in the main network.

We look forward to your feedback.
Marcus Aurelius

Delegations Address: 4dfMuh3JVgrKgeWyzbcys2y5H3BJzzTySUmgUkgmuQumDZAK

Our social networks:
Site: http://stakeservice.com/
Blog: Stake Service – Medium
Twitter: @stakeservice
Telegram: @MarcusStakeservice

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