Looking for a simple way to set up as a validator?


Are you looking to set up a validator node on the centrifuge chain but are not sure where to start or need some support with a technical aspect of the process?

Reply below with the issue you are having or just like the post so we can gauge how much of an appetite there is among this community for support with setting up a node on the Centrifuge chain.

We are a group of developers who are currently building an easy-to-use, reliable and highly-rewarding ethereum 2.0 staking pool and feel it is our responsibility to do what we can to help the crypto community come together and develop the capacity of a decentralised ‘world computer’.

Can we also get involved in the centrifuge community to get more validators engaged in this project? Tell us if and how we can help…


I’m most interested in validators that bring redundance to the system. Build your own binaries, user your own hosting partner (not one of the big cloud provider). Also important is to be diligent about keeping your node up & up to date. The usual stuff!

These are my two most important criteria when I think about picking validators.


Thanks Lucas. Appreciated


The more help the better i think, especially setting up a node for the first time for some can be difficult.


I wouldn’t have the first clue how to get started but would be interested in earning passive income. What sort of things could you do to help?


Honestly I’m quite late arriving to the centrifuge party so am just trying to catch up, see what sort of community we have here and in particular find out what barriers to setting up nodes and validating there are. If it’s basic questions about docker or using command line etc then feel free to send me a message.
Otherwise if you already have some basic knowledge these guides should be enough to get you started.




Thanks for the offer. I think I would need some help to get started with docker as this would be my first time doing this. Do you mind if I DM you?


No problem. Have a look at the instructions in the “run-node” link first and just direct message me when you get stuck. Try to send me screenshots and let me know what os you are using.
As @lucasvo said one of the most important things is to make sure you can keep the node running all the time and that you have a suitable machine to run it. Message me and I’ll send you what system requirements you need as that isn’t necessarily relevant to this topic


Hello guys I’m pretty new to this website :scream: :exploding_head: can’t wait to find out more @vladimir


Yes mate. Sounds awesome! I’ve seen a link to the set up so will have run through that later