OnFinality Validator Node running, what´s next?

Dear Centrifuge Community,

i hope you are all doing well, i am monitoring the crypto markets for a long time, but found all these promising, future crypto/defi web3.0 projects, i ve choosen centrifuge today in the morning, and bought and installed a validator node on OnFinality for 0.30$ an hour,

what should i do know…wich rewards cfg tokens will i get for running the validator node, etc., i like this idea to be a part of something technically useful, wich right now not too much people know…like being an “early” adopter…so the question is, what i ve to do, after setting up my node and what to do, to let the validator work right?

Do you know what happens if somehow your validator node malfunctions while it’s in the active set?

Hi Centrikz.

Congratulations for setting up a node. Now you should present your Validator node in the Validator discussion of the forum and tell the community a little bit about your node and how they can reach you in case of questions.

Centrifuge chain address of your node

Social media channels: Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Discord

Other contact:
Email-address or website

i think nothing well, tell me more, if you like, my friend.

If you get slashed you and or others will lose money. :frowning:

and now what do you want, do you want to help, do you want me to avoid me using centrifuge?

No, @Ritskes wants to help you and provide you with information on running a node (and with its liabilities)


This questions will come from nominators who want to stake with your node

Wow, than i am sorry, i ve stopped my node running, because its not connected via polkadot ext.etc,etc…thanks to all your help guys…i think i will go through all the documentation before trying again.

You can still let your node running and monitor it how it behaves before you start with collecting nominations. Polkadot Telemetry is a good tracking site


Everyone who want to use or be part of CFG community is welcome, more than welcome :slight_smile:

It’s just that running a node comes with A LOT of responsibility, because if you don’t know what you’re doing running a node you might jeopardize people’s CFG stash and potentially the CFG chain/community. I apologize for sounding a bit harsh, it’s just something I think is very important.