[Validator Applicant Introduction] SherCrypto

Hi, I’m Sherwyne, 20 yrs old, 2nd Year BS in Computational and Data Sciences, and I wanna give a brief introduction about myself and how I got into doing validator node just recently. I am new to this kind of mining because I only knew GPU mining back then. However few days ago, it just came into my mind to try doing crypto related stuffs. So I saw this youtube channel, CryptoFilipino, and I saw this particular video wherein I can mine cryptocurrencies using virtual private servers and here I found the term validator node. It caught my interest and gave me a little bit of excitement that’s why I grabbed my laptop, logged in to my AWS account, and since I’m knowledgeable in using Linux environment, I adapt very quickly and understood the process in setting up my very first validator node. That’s how I started and now I have 4 nodes running including Centrifuge and I hope my post will gain likes and replies, maybe share your story here also and I hope I can see someone who has the same age as mine.

If you need assistance in setting up your validator node in Centrifuge feel free to like and reply to this post and I will send you a step by step procedure. Thanks and have a nice day.


@SoraMigiSu, thanks for reaching out. I’ll be posting a detailed tutorial on how to setup your validator node. If you encounter some error please let me know


Hey I’m very intrested in running validator nodes as well as test nets detailed instructions would be great

I have an Avado i7 coming soon can run 6-8 seperate nodes at ones as well as staking

But I’m wanting to do some on pc to learn bit more

Email is


Thanks for reaching out, I’ll post the detailed instructions later this day. If you have other validator nodes you wanna setup other than Centrifuge, please let me know


I’m very interested in setting up a bunch also test nets for smaller project
Planning on staking my polka dots
And eth on the Avado i7 I have coming in a few weeks
Also gona run a hurricane node

Any ones you can recommend that are profitable with little or no investment in crypto coins

The xdai node now cost 300k to become a node and they bumped validator minimum from 100 to 200 xdai

Lol late to that party I guess

I can’t even get some small amounts of xdai to use the honey swap coin faucet cause the eth network fees are thru the roof!!

Any recommendations would be appreciated

Thanks bro

My name is Cj btw thanks for the info

Little bout me been mining since 2017 and researching crypto space projects and following dev teams hard for the last year

I have an electrical contractor business that I have stepped back from and am fulll time in crypto space we’re doing a start up in Tampa Florida
Crypto only asset management

Crypto Capital group

Hoping to have our websit live next week and hitting trade shows this year!!

C.J. Capobianco
Master Electrician
Ma Lic # 21992-A
Ph 617-901-6112
Po Box 168
Stow Mass 01775


Thanks for your contribution , I am from the telegram group. Looking forward for your posts


Great introduction! looking forward on how to setup the validator node


Have you heard about Qortal, IDENA, and Plasma Network? They are in the early stage and it’s an advantage to start as early as possible. IDENA is listed in some exchange and has a value of $0.096


All that I’ve mentioned doesn’t require any investments but it takes time for you to get validated and start mining their tokens.


If you post some walk thrus I’ll post my results and any additional resources I find along the way to help out the community here


This is a nice post , would appreciate the tutorial for a node on centrifuge . I have Zero knowledge but willing to learn


Sorry for the delay, just woke up. I’ll post it as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience😁


Looking forward to it :smiley:

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@SherCrypto How much RAD do you need to be a validator for Centrifuge? And where can you get them from?


Good to know, it is interesting

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Do you have a youtube with any instructional videos? I appreciate you lending out your assistance kind sir.

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Awesome story SherCrypto! It is good to know that young people like you are showing interest in crypto. You just proved that millenials are more inclined to be attracted to the propositions of crypto. Keep it up!

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Enjoyed reading this.

Has anyone got any links to posts on using Avado. We have based our whole project on using aws which has obvious drawbacks.

Keen to learn more about alternatives

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To answer my own question…


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I was able to setup a node on mainnet following this guide @https://developer.centrifuge.io/chain/get-started/run-node/ .
But, in order to become a validator, we’ve to fund the stash and the controller account with RAD.
How to purchase this token and what is the minimum required?