Setting up a node - experience level?

Hello everyone,

I have had Centrifuge on my radar for a number of months now thanks to the youtuber Chico Crypto. I know a bit about the project obviously to know that I like it but unfortunately I cannot get involved with the tinlake pools because of the minimum required investment amounts.

Anyways, I was just wondering how much technical expertise would be required in order to run a validator node? I have done a few things here and there with a raspberry pi 4 but find it rather intimidating and I can become quite flustered and frustrated with it. I wouldn’t really consider myself a tech savvy person, even though my main hobby and passion is cryptocurrency lol.

I have some basic command-line experience obviously, and could pretty easily format an old desktop computer into a Linux build and then run the miner through there - if possible. Due to my lack of knowledge and experience with coding etc I’m not really sure if: a) this would be possible and b) if it would be “worth” the hassle of doing it. Can anybody shed some light on these issues please?

When I consider something to be “worth” the time etc I of course am referring to more than just a $$ ROI. For example since I got my raspi over a year ago I have probably spent maybe 50-100 hours SOLID trying to use it. And currently it is not plugged in because of how unsuccessful I was with it and after a certain point it just wasn’t “worth it” to keep trying to make something work with it. Obviously I learned a decent amount which is very valuable but I’m sure a youtube course for 4-10 hours might have taught me just as much without the headache(s)! Lol.

Anyways sorry for the ramble. I look forward to hearing what yall have to say about the matter. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Walkonwayvs,

I asked the same question a few days ago. I certainly can not answer how hard it will be but here’s a link for how to…

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Ya, I’m only here because of Tyler. Also I got and Avado i5 to run a ETH2.0 node because of him (it’s still in Europe I think lol). I think that will have enough juice to run a node here. I’ll send them a telegram and ask. Maybe they can do all the hard stuff. It sounds like they pride themselves on it.
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Do you know how to run a centrifuge node with Avado?


Actually no I don’t. I was going to get an Avado recently but I actually asked about running a Centrifuge node in their telegram chat and I was told that it’s not available. I’m sure there might be a way for someone who is a lot more technically savvy to be able to essentially “build” a node ontop of the Avado hardware, but that’s not what I was looking for so I forgot about the idea.

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Good to know. Ya I’m not tech savvy like that. I can barley buy and trade. Some day soon I’ll be able to do more. Right now I have to pay someone else to do the work. The Avado will be fun to play with regardless.

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