Running a Centrifuge node

Hi Guys,

Can we run a node on the windows OS?

Does anyone know of any video tutorial walkthroughs to set a node up?

I’m really excited to get going on this. :smiley:


I don’t think it’s suitable unless you have a dedicated pc , and I think you have to run some virtual Server which is the best way


Thanks for the info might look at getting a Raspberry Pi

If I did want to run it locally would I be looking to use the linux OS?


@SoraMigiSu : Are you trying this out for fun or in a “production” grade instance for an asset originator? If the latter, you should have some kind of fault tolerance and at least some dedicated hardware.
If you have a WinOS server, you could look at WSL to run linux code.
However, usually it’s easier to just run some native linux OS somewhere.

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By this are you referring to remotely on the cloud

I’m going to keep studying to try an wrap my head around what I’d have to do, I defiantly fancy running a dedicated machine.

I like the idea of running the node locally and not through a proxy.



I’d like to run this hopefully


Ok, me personally I’d then run it in a cloud setup.


Hey Nick,

if you want to run a validator then uptime is key (yes, because of slashing) and I’d personally never put my tokens to a validator that runs its own hardware - unless I am extremely confident that they know what they are doing.

A good documentation on the topic at large you can find here. This is not 1:1 for Centrifuge, but gives you a good overview.


That makes sense, appreciate the explanation and I’ll definitely check the article out :+1:

What are we thinking is a ball park figure for the cost of the RADs to run a node for an asset originator?

Mods feel free to chime in :wink:

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Would this work on an Mac? Sorry if this has been answered previously

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Was looking for this thread so thanks. Few Qs (I am a pleb when it comes to running nodes so kindly tolerate):

  1. I have a windows system that I also use for personal use (ie it’s not idle) and I have never run any VPS - should I even bother trying to run a node?
  2. How much will it cost to set up a VPS
  3. Is there a tutorial I can follow to set up?
  4. Are there any collective nodes where I can contribute to earn rewards (ie like how I can stake my ETH with Binance rather than run my own staking nodes)

Maybe this is more for Mods/Owners but will help to get clarity on all of this :slight_smile: