[Validator Introduction] PureStake

PureStake has signed on as a Centrifuge validator, so I wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

Who is PureStake

PureStake provides infrastructure services, APIs, and developer tools for next-generation blockchain networks. We focus on a small number of networks so we can deliver high-quality services that are as secure as possible, while maximizing uptime and performance.

Some more about us:

  • Consistently a top validator on Kusama (nominated by the most stakers)
  • Focused on delivering a wide range of high-quality tools and services for Algorand, Polkadot, Centrifuge, and other Substrate-based chains
  • Use an automated infrastructure-as-code approach that allows us to build and scale highly consistent dev, test, and production environments
  • Team is globally distributed so they can actively manage and monitor our services 24x7x365
  • Geographically dispersed multi-cloud, multi-POP infrastructure provides resiliency against single points of failure

More information about PureStake’s validator services.

Why We Joined Centrifuge

Centrifuge is solving a real problem that nearly every company experiences: cash flow. They’re hyper-focused on unlocking capital for future assets and they’re using the blockchain to do it in a compelling way. We have been impressed with their focus, expertise, and drive to deliver an easier way for companies to access the capital they need.

More information:


hi @Art! Welcome and thanks for joining us in the earliest days!

Hi @Art !

Thanks for the description here - I’ like to ask 2 questions on your validator:

  1. Looking at your ToS, do I understand correctly that there is no compensation from PureStake if slashing occurs due to operational issues (e.g. hardware / software failure or basically anything within your realm of responsibility)?

  2. What’s your uptime track record for Substrate-based chains?

Thanks & kind regards