[Validator Introduction] moonli.me

Hi everyone,

I’m Yevgen from moonli.me, and we are one of the validators for Centrifuge.

We have been following the project since 2018 and really excited about Centrifuge’s technology and its practical use cases that go beyond crypto space. No surprise that when the team invited us to join the Validator Program, we jumped on this opportunity.

We are a small team of two people that started our independent validation venture in 2019. We pride ourselves on supporting the projects that have value for people and real-world use cases.

Apart from Centrifuge, we also run validators for Kava, Kusama and Regen Network (testnet). We were in top 30 of Celo’s Great Stake Off competition and are a member of the first cohort of Coda Protocol’s Genesis Program.

You can check more details about what we do at moonli.me

Follow us on Twitter or reach out to me directly on Keybase.


Welcome on board @y3v63n! We’re looking forward to launching the network with you.

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