[Collator Applicant Introduction] moonli.me

Hi everyone,

I’m Yevgen from moonli.me.

We were one of the inaugural validators on the Centrifuge chain, have been following the project since 2018 and really excited about Centrifuge’s technology and its practical use cases that go beyond crypto space.

We are an independent staking service provider for blockchain projects and pride ourselves as a validator supporting networks that create real value. We have been in the staking business since 2019 and run validators on Ethereum-, Substrate- and Tendermint-based chains including Celo, The Graph, Centrifuge, Kusama, Polkadot, HydraDX, Regen Network, Oasis Protocol, and Mina.

We locate our infrastructure in various data centers across Europe in order to ensure redundancy and high uptime. We use various monitoring and alerting tools to monitor the infrastructure and respond to any issues.

We regularly donate a portion of our profits to various charities, NGOs, independent mass media and charitable campaigns. So far, we have contributed to COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, The Africa Development Promise, Save the Children, IPC, Coin Center, Gitcoin, Impact Market, Water Wells for Africa, Rainforest Action Network, Amref Health Africa and many others.

I hope you can support us as one of the Centrifuge collators!

Follow us on Twitter or reach out to me directly on Telegram.

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