[Collator Applicant Introduction] Delamain

Hi dear community,

I would like to suggest my application to participate to the future of Centrifuge as a Collator Node runner. Thank you to @themarcus for showing the way with your application (community call made it clear but I was starting to doubt if this was the right place :slight_smile:).

I have been running a validator node for Centrifuge since June 2021 with 99%+ uptime.

Because I believe so much in the project and in this community, I always tried to keep my fees to a bare minimum.

My current validator fee is 5% and has not changed for a long time (started from 1% up to 5%, never went higher, see Polkadot/Substrate Portal) when, as a reference, the mean fee percentage amongst all 55 validators is currently 8%, and this is also despite Delamain validator having the 5th highest amount of CFG staked. Another way to put it into perspective is that 5% is the cheapest fee among the top 20 validators.

This is just a way to give back to the community, and to thank all community members that did me the honor to trust me and stake their CFGs, even though back then I confessed that I was still somewhat of a “noob” (see my introduction post here: [Validator Introduction] Delamain). No worries: I am way less of a noob now :stuck_out_tongue:.

Since the time I wrote this post, I kept learning a lot about blockchain technologies, to the point where I can now write smart contracts, I participated in various testnets, I run nodes for different projects, etc. I realized my tech career here in Japan was a huge booster to get quickly started in the field and provide value to the community.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to run a validator for Centrifuge so far, and I am grateful for the awesome learning experience, and for the trust granted by the community. Therefore, I would like to apply as a Collator node runner going forward.

In any case, it’s already been an awesome and fun journey, so thank you to all of you and to the Centrifuge Team to which I truly wish to succeed. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next in this exciting new industry :slight_smile: