[Validator Introduction] Delamain

Hey guys!

I would like to invite you to stake your CFGs / nominate my centrifuge Validator “Delamain”!!

I have been working in the tech industry for about 8 years now, but I’m really new to blockchain technologies… There’s so much to learn, it’s so frustrating but also truly fascinating. Everyday I feel like the biggest noob of all, but I guess I’m just gonna dig deeper and deeper until it one day it hopefully becomes less true :slight_smile:

Technical details about Delamain Validator: it is running on a fully dedicated machine with lots of CPU, Disk space and RAM, in the cloud. I am constantly monitoring it with tools such as prometheus to ensure a maximum up-time and performance.

I am keeping validator fees to a bare minimum (currently 1%) and will always try to keep them as low as I can. It doubt it’s covering my server costs but it’s fine, I believe so much in centrifuge, and the role it has to play to bridge DeFi to real world (demonstrating how crypto isn’t just about scams after all)… that I’m really glad to be even able to participate in it.

You can find Delamain validator in the list of validators here:
and its address is 4fU69LFn4PRuCkkwNZzmexiaMEmkkWdqu4XEcUJUfAbc1PTF

If you have any questions or comment, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Filtering by address doesn’t seem to work, but looking for “Delamain” and it shows up :slight_smile:

Thanks for highlighting that CFG could be staked - I did not even realize.