[Collator Introduction] Yaroslav

Hey, Yaroslav here

I’ve been running Centrifuge validator since summer 2021 (100% uptime, no slashes), which is not that long if you compare it to other applicants, but I’ve been an active member of Centrifuge community for almost a year now.

I don’t have many active validators in polkadot/kusama ecosystems, but I have very wide experience in testnets including projects like Stafi, Robonomics, Crust, Phala, Bifrost and others like Mina. This experience allows me to freely run any nodes in mainnets, because there nearly not as much bugs and troubleshooting as in testnets.

Another reason why I don’t run nodes in other networks is that I am doing it only in projects I am interested in.

Summing up, looking forward to running collator on Centrifuge parachain now.

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