Centrifuge Forum Digest 13 August

Centrifuge Forum Digest 13 August

Hi! Welcome to our summary of activity, key events and news from the Centrifuge Ecosystem.

Support the Centrifuge Mission :cyclone: :cyclone:

Join us in our mission to unlock economic opportunity by connecting people to borrow and lend money transparently and cost-effectively; free of intermediaries and the inefficiencies of traditional finance.

If you understand how important RWAs are for the future of DeFi and crypto in general there are a number of ways you can get behind and show support:

  • Follow us on Twitter

  • Retweet and like this tweet

  • Join us in our Community Call on the 2 September for a lot of news, updates and key discussions. Give your feedback here on what you’d like more of in the Community Calls

  • Become an Ambassador. We have onboarded three new Ambassadors and will be inviting two more over the next months. If you are interested in being an Ambassador of the Centrifuge community check out this post on what it involves. In order to select Ambassadors we look at the quality of contributions to the community. One thing we’re looking at right now is activity on the Forum (Discourse), so get posting and consider that quality is better than quantity.

  • Participate in Tinlake - see the Pool round-up below

Remember, communities are built by their members. Don’t hesitate to make a Forum thread with your ideas, questions and plans.

Announcements :loudspeaker:

:point_right: Token distribution

We appreciate the patience of Centrifuge supporters through our Token Sale and Distribution. CFG will be unlocked on CoinList next week. Please stay tuned to your updates from CoinList for more information dropping soon!

:point_right:Info on the CFG <> wCFG Bridge is available here

ERC20 CFG or wCFG was not a decision taken by Centrifuge but the exchanges. We are still in the early stages and so bridging options are limited but over time there will be easier ways to bridge between the two.

Create a Centrifuge Wallet

Staking CFG

And don’t forget to check out our updated documentation https://docs.centrifuge.io/

Significant UI upgrades :hammer_and_wrench:

The product team has been working on big UI updates with a focus on better managing and attracting capital.

  • We now show the CFG reward APR for investors.

  • We now show the investment capacity per pool. This is calculated in real-time based on the current pool status (Reserve vs. max reserve, current TIN buffer, maker credit line) and currently locked investments. More background will be shared soon on how it is calculated and managed.

  • Improved display of epoch status and currently locked orders on the Investment tabs. This looks and works really well.

  • We will also shortly show the actual DROP yields instead of DROP APRs

If you have any feedback on these updates or particular pain points that you think should be addressed, please let us know below.

Pool round-up :man_playing_water_polo:

There are several pools open on Tinlake:

  • The Gig Economy pool is here! This Pool has been launched by End_Bridge to help Gig economy workers to get paid on demand for their services, providing payment advances to freelancers, influencers, artists and other types of Gig economy workers.
  • New Silver has is continuing to finance Real Estate Bridge Loans with New Silver Series 2
  • Branch Series 3 read more about the details in their Forum post. The assets of the Branch Series 3 pool are secured non convertible debentures used to fund micro loans in India, providing access to capital for individuals who would previously be shut out from the financial system.
  • Read more here about new Issuer Untangled, launching a pool soon, they have a compelling argument about ‘why trade finance consistently outperforms credit.’

Four new Tinlake pools have just passed the Maker DAO executive vote, which means MORE real-world assets onboarded onto DeF, ConsolFreight, Fortunafi, Harbor Trade Credit, Peoples Company will now be on boarded onto our integration with Maker with over 40M committed to the pools as the initial debt ceiling.

Tinlake TVL

Tinlake is a bridge between traditional and decentralized finance. With it, Centrifuge is pioneering the collateralization of real-world assets to help finance SMEs, whilst offering low yield, stable crypto investments.

Tinlake TVL has grown to +28M DAI. When BTC fell from half of its all-time high, this was mirrored in all the major DeFi protocols. That’s because most of DeFi is correlated to crypto, but not Tinlake. Tinlake finances Real-World Assets (RWA) and RWAs are not correlated to cryptocurrency: they are assets outside of crypto that need to be financed. If ETH crashes, the housing market doesn’t.

:cyclone: :seedling:
If you care about the future of crypto, join the RWA revolution! Thank you so much for being a part of the Centrifuge community!! Onwards and upwards to better finance.