2022-04-14 Centrifuge Community Call #24 | Pools on Centrifuge Chain

It’s this time of the month again for…The Centrifuge Community Call :100:

This edition will feature Pools on Centrifuge Chain :eyes:

Pools on Centrifuge chain will launch soon and we want to give our community members an insight into the tech behind it.

In this call: CTO @jeroen explains the Centrifuge Protocol and @branan shows a “demo” of the tech how pools can be launched on Centrifuge Chain manually :eyes:

  • What is the Centrifuge protocol?
  • What are Pools on Cent Chain and why are they so important?
  • What is the impact of the move going to have on other parts of Centrifuge?
  • What are the features that we’re building and why?
  • Why is the technology better suited to solve these problems?

Miscellaneous (Parachain launch, Crowdloan rewards claiming, Staking…)

Join us as part of the Centrifuge Community on Thursday 14th April at 18:00 CET / 12:00 EST

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How to join
:point_right:Join with Zoom (passcode 779724 )
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Facilitated by @Tjure07 :wave:

Looking forward to questions and a lively discussion!

See you soon! :v: