Pools on Centrifuge Chain are coming!

Pools on Centrifuge Chain are coming!

Hey everyone, @Esther_Centrifuge here. I work on Centrifuge’s products.

In this post I want to kick-off sharing some of our “near future plans” in relation to Pools on Centrifuge Chain.

Let’s start with "what is it?"

As many of you know, real world asset pools will soon be available on the Centrifuge Chain (based on Polkadot).

We’ve built our chain for various reasons, among which are low gas costs and fast transaction speeds. Read more about it here in this roadmap blog by CEO Lucas.

So… how do we do launch these pools?

What the technical implications around this are, I will spare you for now (more on that in a later update). But what’s important to understand is that this is a different chain than Ethereum which Tinlake is connected to at the moment.

We are building a totally new UI (user interface) for people to use the Centrifuge protocol on. This means there will be a new look and feel, new functions and new pools and tokens to invest in. We call this new UI “CentChain” — short for Centrifuge Chain…

Cool! Are you going to keep us up to date on the progress?


That’s what these posts will be for to share what we are doing and why. In the future, I would like to post an update every other week talking about the progress we made and maybe share some sneak peeks into the design and test environment.

That’s all for now - any questions, add them in the thread :hammer_and_wrench: :v:


Good day Esther
Thank you for the update !

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Thanks for the update Esther! Super Excited! :star_struck:

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that’s great Thank you for the update !

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hi Komes, welcome to the community! :slight_smile: