Understanding the legal structuring and process for originating RWA on centrifuge

  1. Hi Centrifuge team! I had gotten in touch a couple weeks ago on discord, and wanted to follow up with this post. I am working on a defi protocol that is interested in RWA as an area / novel source of yield in defi and to that end I had several questions about Centrifuge: 1. What is the regulatory status of centrifuge pools in the US? How are these not considered unlicensed securities / what legal recourse is available to pool investors? How expensive is setting up a new pool? I saw some legal doc templates on the web page but don’t have access to them and wanted to understand that / see them if possible. 2. What is the future of TinLake vs the Centrifuge Chain? Does the Centrifuge Chain allow others to leverage Centrifuge’s platform to bridge RWA onto the chain? 3. Who are the primary investors in Centrifuge pools (to the extent that the protocol team knows about them)? What kinds of investor personas do you hope to target and why? Would love to jump on a call to talk about these questions and potential collaboration. (edited)

Hi amit. Welcome to Centrifuge!

Here are some posts which might answer some of your questions:

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