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@Esther_Centrifuge explained why we’re releasing real-world asset pools on Centrifuge Chain, with a “totally new UI”, in the last post. In this post, I want to introduce two principles that informed the creation of the app. (Oh, and in case we haven’t met: Nice to meet you, I’m @Nico, and I’m working on product design.)

One app for investors and issuers

Unlike Tinlake on Ethereum, the new app running on Centrifuge Chain is not only a marketplace for investors but also a tool for issuers to manage their pools. The app caters to different user groups.

Thus, the first principle is One app for investors and issuers.

One example of this principle being applied is the app navigation: it lists both investor and issuer items.


This does not mean the app treats all users equally; each group of users has its own needs that need to be met. But that’s another story.

Overview first, details on demand

An overview of the app’s entities gives a high-level understanding of the complex and data-heavy business of credit financing and securitization. The main entities are pool, token, and asset. Here’s how they can be defined in brief and simple English:

Pool: A pool consists of various tranches and contains assets. The pool is managed by the issuer to originate loans financed by investors.

Token: A token belongs to a pool tranche with specific risk protection and yield. An investor receives tokens by investing in a tranche.

Asset: An asset represents a loan and the real-world collateral is represented by a non-fungible token (NFT) minted by the issuer. The asset can be financed once it has been created with a price, interest, and maturity, and is repaid again at the end of maturity.

But there’s more to these than a description: more properties, more sub-parts, intricate technicalities. They are hairy things – the details. Thus the second principle is about allowing people to sift through large amounts of data and handle the complexity inherent to investing and securitization.

The second app principle is Overview first, detail on demand.

We can see how this principle is applied in the way information is organized (we’re standing on the shoulders of giants). Every entity is summarized on a menu and offered in full detail on a separate view. The figure below shows the pool menu and a pool detail.

Every detail has a summary that contains the most important information.

Do you want to learn more about the term Value locked? Hover over the label to find out.


One app for investors and issuers and Overview first, detail on demand are two principles that helped put the app together. Thanks for reading!

Coming soon

We are looking forward to sharing more topics in the next weeks. Among the upcoming posts are:

  • The difference between pool, tranche, and token
  • Moving from Ethereum to Polkadot
  • Creating an asset by minting an NFT
  • Our design process
  • Historical data and charts

Stay tuned; see you in a week!

Are there other topics you’d like to get a spotlight on? Let us know in the comments.


Wow! Thank you for the update!


I like the concept where both investors and issuers can access the same dapp as well simplicity: everyone needs an overview of their assets and investments first and if someone needs more info he/she can access it on demand!

Definitely an improvement to the existing UI in Tinlake :wink:


Wow, just wow! Keeping things simple is something I always strove for and a prerequisite for people to use something. I can’t wait to see the app up and running fully and hear more about the details!

Thanks for sharing this @Nico!

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