The New Pool Details View

Hello, @Esther_Centrifuge here again with another update on the Centrifuge application. This update showcases the pool overview.

Next week, I’ll provide more pool details, in relation to assets and liquidity.

Below is a full view of the pool overview page; later in the post I’ll discuss each section. As you can see, much more data is available. For example, we now provide historical data in graphs showing the pool records over time. This extra information helps users to make investment decisions. Each graph has an option to download historical data (in a CSV file) for personal review.

Please note that all of the mockups below are for illustration only and do not display actual data.

Check out the new pool-detail design below :scream:

As the above screenshot shows, the page is composed of various sections. Below I’ll briefly explain each section’s use.

1. Summary

All pages start with a summary section that provides the defining detail for the pool (the overview principle mentioned in our earlier post “Enter the new Centrifuge app”).

2. Tokens of the pool

In the pool token section, you can view all tranches of the pool (see the post on pool, tranches and tokens). For each token, there is a short summary with an optional foldout graph that shows the price and yield over time. This enables investors to easily compare this pool’s tokens with each other.

Any whitelisted user can invest in the token by clicking on the button at the right side of the panel.

3. Issuer details

As on Tinlake, the issuer information is still displayed with links to the executive summary, forum, website and contact options.

4. Pool value, asset value & reserve graph

At various places in the UI, additional foldout graphs can be found. This graph, displaying pool value, asset value & reserve chart, is a reworked version of the one on Tinlake. On top of the graph, today’s values are shown, while hovering over the chart provides the values on previous dates. This lets visitors compare current and past values.

5. Asset portfolio distribution

The asset portfolio is another new feature consisting of a pie chart and a table displaying the risk groups (tranches) that make up the investors in each pool.

Also note that the pool issuer can create custom names for each risk group; in our example they are called A,B,C,and D.

That’s it for this week. Next week we’ll show you more pool details, related to assets and liquidity. As usual, post any questions in the thread :hammer_and_wrench: :v:


Thank you for sharing new info
I really missed this information in the Tinlake app.

I like white design and clear information, and summary.
Will be possible to switch to a white/dark theme?



The design is in white and dark however we plan to only support the white version at release.
Dark theme will be available later.


Looks great! Can’t wait to play around with it.

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