2022-June Centrifuge Monthly Summary

2022-June Centrifuge Monthly Summary

Welcome to our monthly summary of activities, events and updates from the Centrifuge Ecosystem for June!

The main focus of this month’s community call was “How to incentivize the community to participate in the governance process”. In general June showed how active the governance of the ecosystem is. This topic and much more can be found in this summary!

Key Metrics

  • 89.3M Total Value Locked
    • 25.8M via MakerDAO
    • 5.3M via RWA Market
  • 158.8M Total Assets Originated


  • Let’s start with some news and events from the Ecosystem:

If you are new to the ecosystem check out this in-depth feature on Centrifuge by Staking rewards

“An in-depth feature on Centrifuge” | Staking Rewards

DotsamaPrague with Governance facilitator Robert and his speech about “Participation in governance”

Here is a preview of Polkadot decoded in Berlin with Lucas!

  • Partnerships and collaborations:

Defactor will be one of the first pools launching on Centrifuge chain. If you want to know more check out their monthly review May and their submission for the POP (see “Community”)

Monthly Review: May, 2022. The Defactor Monthly Review is the best… | by Defactor [Official] | Jun, 2022 | Medium

Collaboration in crypto is always a good sign of an active team and a working product: in this FRAX-proposal Centrifuge wants to create an AMO (Algorithmic Market Operations Controller) to provide liquidity for senior pools.

The Altair/Karura-channel to enable XCM-transfers is now open! This is the necessary requirement to enable an AIR-listing with a liquidity mining program on their DEX.


  • New hires: Welcome Asad Khan as the new DeFi Politician at Centrifuge! Check out his Twitter profile and definitely give him a follow

If you are looking for a job, take a look into Centrifuge’s vacancies

  • The fourth edition of the Pool Party was a premiere for the Centrifuge ecosystem: Intero Capital Solutions had the possibility to present its business in the course of the Pool onboarding proposal (POP)-process! This is a unique chance to get in touch with the issuer, ask any questions and actively influence the onboarding of the pool with your vote.

While you’re at it please take a look at the other ongoing proposals of Driven Financial Corporation, Defactor and HamsaPay Inc and leave your comments in the forum!

Twitter news:

Glad always to see an active and supportive community on Twitter! :pray:t2:


  • The Centrifuge and Altair Governance Call #6 :studio_microphone:was a deepdive into “Participation in governance” with special guest KryptosChain as a long lasting supporter of the ecosystem. The call dealt with the question “How to motivate the community to actively take part in the governance process”?
    An answer could be given by the community-driven idea of one of our ambassadors DrCao :bulb:: attendees of the call could claim a POAP for their attendance. These POAPs will be distributed in future calls too and for very active users Centrifuge NFTs are reserved.

  • Ongoing governance proposals:

(1) RFC: RWA market rewards proposal for Q3

(2) RFC: Implementation of the EURO stable coin

(3) RFC: Additional CFG Token utility

As a reminder: Please actively participate in the governance process, comment on the Request for comments (RFCs), cast your vote on polls and especially use your tokens for on-chain referendums! :ballot_box:

  • Passed proposals and council motions:

(1) Poll: CFG rewards adjustment for Tinlake

(2) Poll: Incentivizing participation in governance and community calls with POAPs and NFTs

(3) Council motion 8: Mint Tinlake LP rewards

(4) Council motion 14: Proposal for Runtime upgrade 8

(5) Council motion 12: Proposal for Runtime upgrade 7

(6) Council motion 6: Migrate Tinlake Claims source account

(7) Council motion 20: Onboarding of the first 5 collators on Altair

(8) Council motion 18: Reject initial treasury proposal

(9) Council motion 17: Proposal for 1M AIR for liquidity mining on Karuraswap

We have made a proposal on Acala’s Forum to start the bootstrapping period for trading pair AIR/aUSD on Karura Swap

  • Not passed/Rejected:

(1) Council motion 16: Proposal for 1M AIR for liquidity mining on Karuraswap

Protocol :cyclone:

Product & Engineering

  • Product updates:

With Centrifuge connectors a cross-chain solution with simple integrations becomes reality and shows how important interoperability between different chains and networks is!

:calendar: Save the date: we’ll be live on a Twitter Space on July 6 with our launch partners to talk Centrifuge Connectors!

For regular product updates check out the new series with the most recent ones covering How to become a pool issuer, the Pool details view of the Centrifuge dapp and its design concept.

Anna presents a list of reasons why businesses are going to love to introduce their assets on Centrifuge chain:


Here is a helpful FAQ-collection for issuers who want to launch a pool in Tinlake and soon on Centrifuge chain:


Good to see Tinlake is constantly growing and New Silver - the biggest pool - reached a new milestone with $30M+ TVL locked!

Stay tuned for the next monthly update!

Do you have any ideas, feedback, or comments? If so leave them below or get in touch with the team, our ambassadors or moderators in Discord!