Council Motion 6: Migrate Tinlake Claims Source Account

Hello everyone,

During the transition from standalone chain to a parachain the claims pallet id, which is the source account used to fund the CFG rewards that then are distributed to Tinlake pools investors and asset originators, was accidentally changed.

Here we have open a Council motion to migrate those locked and un-accessible funds from the old address to the new one:

The old address:

The new address:

  • PalletId - modlp/claims
  • Derived AccountId: 4dpEcgqJNczMyoTnUuFTyTLSe5RuoSSoGZMqu3L6fvc8jBbd

The council motion open can be found here and in subscan. It will follow up with a fastrack and a 1 day (7200 blocks)

We will keep this thread up to date.


Tagging all councillors, @Ash, @cassidy, @thespaceacatjr, @branan, @vedhavyas please vote!


The first council motion has passed. The second council motion to open the fasttrack democracy vote is now underway. The motion can be voted on here, and more details can be seen here.

For any councilors voting: Please note that the threshold should be five, not four. Kindly hold off on executing the proposal until we hit five votes.


The second council motion has now passed. The fast-track democracy vote is now open at Polkadot/Substrate Portal. This vote will end in approximately 24 hours (exactly 7200 blocks)


:white_check_mark: Referendum 2 has successfully passed at block 675572 with simple majority.

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Aye’s: 229,392.28 CFG

:x: Nay’s: 0 CFG

:1st_place_medal: Extra bonus: This referendum had the highest turnout in amount of voters of all previous referenda!

:pray: Thank you for voting everyone!

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