New Tinlake UI Updates

UI improvements to look out for!

The tech team have been working on a few UI updates in the past days/weeks with a focus on better managing and attracting capital, some of which you may have already noticed.

Three in particular are worth paying attention to:

  • We now show the CFG reward APR for investors
  • We now show the investment capacity per pool. This is calculated in real-time based on the current pool status (Reserve vs. max reserve, current TIN buffer, maker credit line) and currently locked investments. There are still one or two minor bugs, which will be fixed shortly, but overall it’s working ok. More background will be shared soon on how it is calculated and managed.
  • Improved display of epoch status and currently locked orders on the Investment tabs. This looks and works really well.

Coming up:

  • We will also show the actual DROP yields instead of DROP APRs

More minor tweaks are being shipped over the coming days.

If you have any feedback on these updates or particular pain points that you think should be addressed, please let us know below :point_down:

Thanks! :seedling: :cyclone:


This is excellent. Thanks to Dennis & Product Development team for this update on Tinlake. Just a few thoughts which I would like to put forward. Is there any possibility in future to showcase on UI dashboard with (a) investors redeeming period (estimated time interval) once redeem period starts by investors (b) AO credit risk scores/assessment be included in overview details? (c) Can the investor see the start date of his investment and end maturity date of his investment in a particular pool so that it bring more clarity if he/she is interested to withdraw or continue in revolving pool. The assets tab currently show the portfolio of assets being financed with maturity end period but if the above is shown than an investor has more clear sight.