2022-05-19 Centrifuge community call #25 - Looking back and looking forward

It’s this time of the month again for… The Centrifuge Community Call :100:

The 25th episode of the call is a small jubilee :partying_face: and gives us time of “Looking back and looking forward” :eyes:

featuring @cassidy & @lucasvo who both will share their insights and vision about the past and the future of Centrifuge

…and YOU…! :clap:

Also FAQs with DeFactor and why they choose Centrifuge to build their business - spoiler alert: they will be among the first pools to launch on Centrifuge chain!! :partying_face: :clap:

Please add topics you would like to discuss as comments below

Join us as part of the Centrifuge Community on Thursday 19th May at 18:00 CET / 12:00 EST

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How to join
:point_right:Join with Zoom (passcode 779724 )
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Facilitated by @Tjure07 :wave:

Looking forward to your questions, comments and constructive discussions!

See you there! :v:


Good day DeFactor.
Defactor will be the first Pool on Cent Chain, but certainly, Defacto has a huge experience under its shoulders.
I invested in CF and to be honest found this Pool one of the most attractive.

I would like to ask:

  • What you can advise to a small business that would like to launch in Tinlake/Cent chain. Any advice, or suggestions?
  • What is the min. the threshold should have a business, in your opinion, that permits you to launch in Tinlake? Or there aren`t any limits and any business could become AO?
  • Looking back at your experience did CF face any issues? Lack of liquidity, default case? How AO/business should solve and face this issue (advise, suggestions)?
  • Why Defactor choose Tinlake, Cent Chain? :slightly_smiling_face:

There are on the list but also feel free to ask questions during the call

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