2021-07-01 Community Call 14 - The Centrifuge Issuer, AO, and Pool Pipeline

Behind the Scenes: The Centrifuge Issuer, AO, and Pool Pipeline

The main focus of our call is sharing information on how Issuers and AOs launch pools on Tinlake.

Alongside investors, issuers and Asset Originators are at the heart of the Centrifuge, and so with Biz Dev Onboarding Champion Colin Cunningham we’ll give you insight on what goes into the process for Issuers to get pools up and running on Tinlake

This call is for you if you want to know more about the onboarding process of Asset Originators!

And we’ll hear from Issuer New Silver, the first to originate real estate loans on DeFi, about what’s happening on the ground in the fix and flip housing market and up and coming opportunities with Tinlake Pools. See New Silver’s latest community update here

The CFG rewards discussion continues to be a key topic for community members, we want to ensure that people have a good understanding of the basics of what is involved in making good reward decisions, taking into account the long term view, so in this call we’ll revisit the Rewards discussion.

Join us on the Thursday the 1st July to learn more Centrifuge network!

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Looking forward to seeing you there and if you have questions before the call please ask them here!

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For me this would be quite useful, not sure if others feel the same.


The option is there above under ‘Access all Centrifuge events’, you can click the link then add the monthly community calls to your calendar. Here’s the link again



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