Community Call - 2021-08-05 - From here our CFG Journey Begins

18:00 CEST / 12 EST Thursday 5 August

The main focus of our call is talking about the limitless possibilities of Centrifuge and Tinlake.

May was crazy. June was crazy. July was absolutely nuts.

But August is coming and high summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) is the perfect moment to relax a bit and be optimistic.

There’s many of you who understand that RWA Defi is an absolute gamechanger and want to be part of the next big yield opportunity. So we want to share more about what you can expect and where this project is going.

This is a short sharing about the future of Centrifuge, the use of CFG in the network, and your chance to ask questions about the medium and long term goals.

Biz Dev Onboarding Champion Colin Cunningham will share more on Tinlake and the Asset Originator pipeline

And we’ll hear from an exciting new Issuer!

Join us on Thursday the 5th August to learn more about the Centrifuge network!

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Video recording of call:


Can this call be posted on the interwebs so i can listen to it ? :slight_smile:

Is the replay of this call on Youtube?

Video is posted now! :slight_smile: