Centrifuge Fortnightly Digest #1 26.03.20

Hi all,

Welcome to our short and sweet summary of activity, and key events from the Centrifuge Ecosystem. We’ll publish this digest every two weeks. If you think you might have missed something, head right this way for updates!


Channels: Discord is humming and helpful! If you have a tinlake or onboarding issue take it to centrifuge.io/discord#Tinlake_Support. Use the Discord for more in depth convos and questions. And of course, memes.

Bounties: We have a new bounty program, ‘Discord Missions’ - that’s right - it’s happening in discord! The programme enables you to complete missions to earn Centrifuge swag and move up different ranks within the community. Head to #announcements in discord to learn more

Community calls: These will now take place every two weeks. They are always at the same time: 19:30 CET, 13:00 EST, and will be the place to be if you’re keen to be an active part of a growing, decentralized community. The next one is on the 1 April and will feature a demo of our New Onboarding UI plus other updates.


In the last month two important governance decisions were taken by the community.
1). Our wonderful Asset Originators collectively agreed to lower minimum investments to $5k
2). The community has discussed and voted on keeping the CFG rewards at the same rate (0.0042 CFG per DAI per day).


Token rebrand: The Radial token is becoming the CFG token. We want the token to be closely tied to the Centrifuge brand. There are a few steps to take to make this happen, check out the forum post with the details. Over time all listings of the token will reflect the new name.

Token sale: Thanks for your patience, we’re heads down working on the details to ensure a fair sale and updates will arrive as soon as they’re ready. We are super grateful for your continuing interest :pray: :seedling:


The TVL is 6,220,929 and it keeps going up in leaps and bounds! :partying_face:
For insights on how to size up Tinlake pools check out this forum post :male_detective:
New Silver Series 2 has introduced a new pool with a value of 2,319,073 DAI! :droplet:
Databased.finance has introduced a revolving Tinlake pool that provides fair financing for Amazon Sellers Read more about it here :boom:

Hacker News

Chachacha is a Rococo based relay chain testnet configured and supported by Centrifuge for Polkadot’s Parachain ecosystem. We started building Chachacha to prepare Centrifuge Chain for Rococo, Polkadot’s Parachain testnet, but then realised it would be valuable on its own and several other teams were keen to use it!! Read more here

Let us know below if this fortnightly ‘wrap up’ of key happenings is helpful!

Happy Friday :partying_face:


I am really exited that we will have scheduled community calls every two weeks. Great stuff!

Brilliant work! Can’t wait to take part in the discord missions! Can I ask how long the community calls will generally last as they start at 3am in Australia for me and I need to leave for work at 4.30am. I really want to participate as much as I can in this growing community and don’t want to miss out on the community calls! Keep up the good work!

Hey @Exar sorry I missed this, community calls are 1 hour. They have actually changed to be 6pm CET - 7pm CET so I guess this is still too early/late for you. I always post the video though. As we grow perhaps we can have an APAC friendly call :slight_smile: or find some other way to meet you on a call!

@Kate thanks for the reply. I actually made it to the last community call, actually worked pretty well as just woke up for work early and got ready as I watched the call. Look forward to seeing everyone at the next call again :slightly_smiling_face: