Rebranding to the Centrifuge Token (CFG)

The Radial token (RAD) is being renamed to the Centrifuge token (CFG).

Why? The token name should reflect the brand that the token represents - CFG = Centrifuge.

It is important to be aware that the only thing that is changing is the name, there will be no change to your token holdings. Your tokens will simply appear as CFG in your wallets.

The first step of this process is to implement the change on our testnet Amber. This will happen on the 22nd of March and following this, a democracy proposal will be submitted to mainnet on the 29th of March. If this proposal is fast tracked and approved by our stakeholders the changes will be live the very next day on March 30th (read more about our on-chain governance process here).

The name change will be reflected in all our communications, documentation, and website as well as in your wallet after the process is fully implemented at the beginning of April.

In the meantime please ask any questions here:


Nice! Love this. There is already at least one other token using RAD symbol. Great to see CFG symbol will be unique to this project. :+1:


nice proposal. I have always thought its better for the token to reflect the brand name. Glad to see this change. :+1:


this is centriHuge. lovin it… centri fugue in c f ang g minor


Very smart move from the team I love it ! onwards and upwards


What is the timeline to expect a pre sale / ICO for the Centrifuge token?


Do we need to do anything if he have RAD staked that were collected during the old centrifuge faucet process?


No you won’t have to do anything.


Smart move! I like it, makes a lot of sense! :tornado:

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In my humble opinion this was a wise decision.


nice :clap: getting ready for bigger things :wink: :wink:

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Verýyyyyyy Nice
Im realy happy for this

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Very exciting change. It makes sense.

Looks very nice!! :heart_eyes:

This makes a looooot of sense

I got RAD through community mining.

  1. Can I stake this somewhere?
  2. How else can I earn RAD/CFG? I dont have resources to invest into Tinlake projects fyi

You can stake here Polkadot/Substrate Portal